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Founded in 2023, Amra is a dynamic and innovative company specializing in exquisite home products that redefine comfort and elegance. With a strong belief in elevating life's simple pleasures, we bring you a curated collection of bed, bath, and home decor items that combine timeless aesthetics with modern luxury.

At Amra, we understand that the heart of every home lies in its comfort and style. Our journey began with the vision of creating interiors that not only reflect your unique personality but also offer unparalleled comfort. From the soft embrace of our Microfibre Duvets & Pillows to the soothing touch of our Aloe Vera Sheets, every product is designed to cocoon you in a world of luxury.

We bring you the best of the world's design and innovation. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, and each product is a testament to our meticulous attention to detail.

We are proudly

  • Soft Fabric

    A good fabric in the sheets absorbs moisture and makes us feel comfortable in all climates

  • Lightweight

    Say goodbye to the heaviness of traditional bedding and embrace the airy comfort of lightweight bedsheets for a restful night's sleep

  • All Day Comfort

    We believe sleeping should be the
    easiest part of your day.

Experience Luxury, Embrace Comfort

Innovation is at the heart of our identity. We have introduced cutting edge technologies like Tencel and Air Cotton Towels to revolutionize your daily rituals. Our High Count Sheets offer a dreamy escape into the realm of opulence, making every night's sleep a truly indulgent experience.

Join us in celebrating the art of living well. Explore Amra is an exceptional range of products that elevate your surroundings and redefine your comfort. Discover the perfect blend of sophistication and relaxation that transforms houses into homes.

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